The Signal Monitoring project is carried out in the TE-MPE group. The project was launched and is led by Arjan Verweij from TE-MPE-PE.

Currently, the core team is: Zinur Charifoulline (TE-MPE-MS), Per Hagen (TE-MPE-PE), Michał Maciejewski (TE-MPE-PE), Sławek Sudak (EN-SMM-MTA).
Former team members are Sivert Sømme Sagmo, Kasper Andersen, Fatima Al Rashdan, and Christoph Obermair.

The team would like to acknowledge technical guidance from:

  • TE-MPE-MS: T. M. Buffet, J.C. Garnier, M. Zerlauth
  • IT-DB-SAS: P. Kothuri, P. Mrówczyński
  • IT-ST-FDO: D. Castro
  • BE-CO-APS: J. Woźniak, M. Sobieszek, K. Krynicki and others
  • EN-SMM-MTA: O. Oyvind Andreassen

Feel free to contact us directly or through a team e-mail: